About meWho is MickeyG?!


i'm Mick 'MickeyG' Geerts 26 years old(16-01-1985) and live in Zoetermeer(NL). In 2003 i really found my favorite kind of music!
A friend( Edwin 'Siduron' Harteveld) of mine told me to listen to 'Technoboy's' music, i've never had heard of him so i gave it a shot!
It instantly made me fall in love with hardstyle music! I bought some turntables and vinyls and thats where it started.
From 2003-2006 me and Siduron had 'G-Radio' on every sunday of the week trough our website.

After that i did some small dj contests in the local clubs, i could even play there a few times! Also in 2008 i played at a party called 'Overdoze'
together with A-Lusion(Onne Witjes)
It was not big, but it was fun to play with a pro. Thats when i knew, i wanted to be big too! but how?

In January 2011 i started producing on my own and it worked out quite well! I even made a track for the Digital:Age contest that was online in april 2011.
didn't win but it was a good practice for me! I know i still got to learn allot!

I want to meet the big djs, the djs that make the music i love so much, because i have a Heart for Hard!

This is a bit about me,
hope you liked it!